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Rinnai RUC80in Review of 2022

Rinnai RUC80iN is from the ultra-series of condensing tankless water heaters. This extraordinary water heater is not meant for a small house but for the medium and large one.

Besides, light commercial take-off can also be done. More about its specification and downfall will be discussed in this Rinnai RUC80iN review.

Your ambition to get the best hot water supply can end up here. Began to read the main section of the article and don’t miss any point before picking the right tankless water heater for your need.

Get down and know more about why it is going to pay off in large extension regarding your cost.

Rinnai RUC80in Review – Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater



Why Should You Get Rinnai RUC80IN Tankless Water Heater?

Rinnai RUC80iN has challenged the other tankless water heater on the market with its compact but powerful design. It can easily accompany any extended family on any day. It has a promise to provide 8 GPM (Gallon Per Minute).

Overall, 98 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit is the temp heat margin of this water heater which is pretty good enough for most families.

The achievable height makes it an on-demand eco-friendly water heater for your need. Your open window to glide in the right water heater at home can be adjusted with this Rinnai RUC80iN.

How To Install Rinnai Tankless Water Heater?

I will suggest getting back to an expert for the installation work of Rinnai RUC80iN or any other. Returning home with the right pick is different from installing the tankless water heater in the right way. There are oceans of work that you need to do.

Only experts can cope up with this timeless hard work installation. If you still feel confident about the task then you should go for the Rinnai RUC80iN installation manual that comes with the package.

Be a professional or call one for the work. It will pay you off in the long run.

  • Rinnai RUC80iN is an energy-saving booster for your home.
  • This could be installed even with no venting adapters.
  • Low NOx emission makes it an eco-friendly water heater.
  • An extended period of warranty promise. (12 years for heat exchangers and 5 years for parts)
  • There might be some irritation noise on the heater during the run.


Some Main Features of Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai RUC80iN is a condensing energy star water heater tweet for your home. You need to know the main features of this product to give true recognition to its cause. Some mention-worthy features of this tankless water heater are narrated below.


Rinnai RUC80iN is the smallest one from the Rinnai Ultra Series. Yet, it has a flying start when it comes to power. It can reach up to 152,000 Btus and can also get down to 15,200 Btus like the other big guys.

Its activity on constant hot water supply is nothing different from another powerful one. Its design is manufactured in a way so that families of all extended can enjoy its service.

Overall, the energy factor of 0.9 is not bad for any house. It is quite impressive how it boss things in power even being the smallest of its kind.

Easy Control System

There is an identical control panel at the front of the tankless water heater. It will contract your interest as a pretty easy to control system. You can also add some extensions for a similar task and achieve a higher temperature on the water heater for commercial use.

There is also a rare error code indication on the control system which makes troubleshooting easier for you. Max limits are different for commercial and residential use but the dip switch is easy to control for anyone from any site.

Environment Friendly

Pollution is the most common thing of this modern era. People are devastated by the side effect of climate change and they are now keen to get a hand on more eco-friendly products. Most water heater complaints come from NOx emission rates.

Rinnai RUC80iN has taken care of the pre-existed flow of the NOx emission and decreases it. Rinnai is contributing to the well-being of the environment and you can contribute to their cause by adding one to your list of interests.

Compact and Capable

Rinnai is admitted to the design of a space-saving tankless water heater. You can easily circulate it at any place you like to do so. It utilizes perfectly your small space and fortunately gets the best out of it.

It can consistently provide for 2 joint families at a time without much of a hassle. Get it to continuous workload and yet it will come out with great performance in all mean. Fulfill all your demand on this best tankless water heater.

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Rinnai RUC80IN Troubleshooting

  • Hot Water Scarcity: Control panel needs some treatment in this case. Make sure the water line is not exposed to freezing scale temp.
  • Sudden Hot water pick: Water heat gets unbearable suddenly without any command. Water obstacles and disproportionate heat distribution might be the cause.
  • Ignitor Not Burning: Flow sensor and gas pipe size pipe often appear to be the reason for this problem. Otherwise, also right through the energy supply for double-checking.
  • Irritating Noise: Debris and block on fans can be the reason for this noise. Check out the burner and try to polish the problem out. Call an expert if needed.

Error Code

  • 02 – Freeze mode and burner defect are the sole reason for this error code.
  • 03 – Hot supply not governing properly. Try rebooting the system and in advance go for the temp controller.
  • 05 – Problem with the bypass valve. Call an expert if you are not used to this sort of problem.
  • 10 – Air and exhaust system need to be checked on this error code. There might be some blockage on the path.
  • 11 – Ignitor functioning slowly or not at all. Ignitor or the gas valve might be the broadcaster and troubleshoot the same parts to solve the issue.
  • 12 – Heater catching fire or gas shortage will be experienced on this error code.
  • 14 – Excessive heat and a thermal fuse might appear on this machine abuses. The internal component needs to be investigated for a solution.


How long will Rinnai ruc80in last?

Answer: After the purchase, your warranty of 12 years will be activated. It will be for the main heat exchanger error and onboard 5 years warranty for any parts that get faulty. If you can spear some time on its proper maintenance then you can easily kick its life close to 2 decades or more.

How much supply of hot water you can generate on Rinnai ruc80in?

Answer: Rinnai RUC80iN is meant to provide you an endless supply of hot water (8 GPM). It can heat up anytime at your command and can surprise you with a constant flow of hot water. Enjoy multiple output supplies at the same time and still never run out of hot water.

Final Verdict

Rinnai RUC80iN is the small brother of the group and yet one of the most powerful water tankers on the market. It is surprisingly compact and great at workflow. It has recirculation capability and is in demand.

Once you get it, you are out of trouble in point of constant hot water supply. I hope Rinnai RUC80iN review has served you well in your quest for a tankless water heater choice.

Stay online with us and get regular analysis on new products. Hope this “Rinnai RUC80in Review ” post helps you .

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