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Rinnai RC98HPI Review of 2022

Do you want to add all-time hot water access as your privilege? For that, you need to select the right water heater for your house. We have discussed with experts and regular users before seating to write this Rinnai rc98hpi review.

I have created a route through which you can get the best deal for you from this article. We will unfold everything that you need to know about this indoor natural gas water heater. Get to your safe room and start reading inside for more.

Rinnai RC98HPI Review – Best Indoor Natural Gas Water Heater

Rinnai RC98HPI


Why You Need Rinnai Tankless Water Heater?

Are you in a critical condition at the choice of your residential water heater? These types of circumstances often arise when you some sort of live with a large family and need a lot of supply of hot water at a single go.

At this specific point, Rinnai attracts the big dealers towards them for the best option. If you looking for something that needs to serve four-five outlets at a single time then this one seems the perfect pick for you. It is one of the largest and precious tankless water heaters that are meant for large families.

This gas condensing water heater can provide 9.8 gallons per minute. It will be justified even if I call it a long-lasting tankless water heater because of its sturdy build quality.

So, if you live in a big family and need a constant supply of hot water in a different wallet then Rinnai RC98HPi can be the best choice for you.

How To Install Rinnai Tankless Water Heater?

You might have already bought Rinnai RC98HPi for your daily use. So, it is likely time for you to install it for your use. Rinnai tankless water heater installation is directly connected to its warranty statements. It is stated to install the machine with a Rinnai-certified water heater.

Otherwise, if anything gets wrong then we will be rejected from any warranty facility. Besides, installing this unit for work is not that simple. It will be a better judgment from your side if you go with a professional.

They will deal with these things better and make sure nothing goes wrong.

  • You can get up to 93% thermal efficiency from this water heater.
  • It is structured for mid and large families.
  • Rinnai RC98HPi is compartmentalized which makes it cost-efficient in the long run.
  • Condensing Technology is used on this water heater.
  • You need to take the help of Rinnai certified professionals for the installation


Some Main Features of Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

There are wide options to write on when it comes to the features of the Rinnai RC98HPi tankless water heater. But I will keep the list within the main few and don’t make you feel bored. It will be helpful for the deal and to make sure it is for you or not. So read the “Rinnai rc98hpi Review” article in detail.

Condensing Water Heater Technology

You should own a more efficient water heater that can be at your service 24/7. Rinnai uses condensing technology to make the best use of their setting. In a standard water heater, the heat generates water vapor and it easily gets out of the system and thus the efficiency lost.

But condensing technology kickback the water vapor to the system and turn them back to the water. After that, it heats up again, and get back to your work.

By the use of condensing technology, Rinnai is capable of providing 93% efficiency at your disposal.

Energy Efficient Water Heater

Getting a new machine provides you a distinct joy in mind but things started to fall apart when you see the energy bill. Well, not the same will happen with this water heater machine because of its energy efficiency.

At the ideal seating and passing through the pipe, the water tends to lose its heat.

But this Rinnai has used insulation around the tank so that you can enjoy reduced heat loss. Overall, it is going to consume less energy in the water heating process and save you more money.

Temperature Control

Rinnai RC98HPi is meant for a large family. So, there would unfold different needs when it comes to the tankless water heater.

This Rinnai water heater has an optional water heater remote that you can use to control the water temp for your kids. Besides, there are also button press controls for your need.

Make sure to adjust the water heat level according to your need and witness a good morning shower.

Easy Maintenance

Most often tankless water heater panels don’t need much of a dig-up. You can pursue an easy life and still get a long-span service from your water heater.

The same thing stands for this Rinnai water heater. But little care once a year will pay you off on large scale. Besides, even if something goes wrong then you will have a warranty to use.

If you planning to get a worry-free water heater for your whole house then this is it.

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Rinnai RC98HPi Troubleshooting

  • No hot water: Unfortunately, there might be some control panel error. You need to go on call for an expert and tell them to fix this problem. Throughout the line after the heat up, it should not be exposed to freezing temp otherwise you will keep on facing this problem.
  • Noisy Burner: Supposedly, there is some debris on the fan that is causing this irritating noise. You also need to take a look on the sealed combustion for any leaking. If none of them solve your case then you should go for the improper venting problem troubleshooting.
  • Unbearable Hot Water: No human can bear the power of too much hot water. First, check for the control system and make sure it is low. Don’t celebrate after that. Check for the water pressure obstacle and also make sure there is no sediment build up. If any then clean them up.
  • Burner not igniting: When you realize that the burner is not igniting then you should first go to the energy supply check. After that, secure that you have a perfect sized gas pipe. Flow sensor fault can also be the honest reason of your problem.

Rinnai RC98HPi Error Code

Some error codes of Rinnai rc98hpi.

  • 02 – It indicated some clashes on the burner operation. Freeze mode is the guardian of this problem. It is better to have a technician to troubleshoot this problem.
  • 03 – This error code indicates the power cut during the hot water supply. Shut down the machine and restart. Don’t forget to check the temp controller.
  • 05 – Surge through the bypass valve and there might be some problem. Forces out the power and get back in again. Your concern might end here otherwise call a plumber.
  • 10 – The crossed blockage on the air and exhaust system is the early reason of this error. Venting of the pipe need to be checked to solve this error.
  • 11 – Delays in ignition or no ignition is the commander of this error. Check for the ignitor and gas valve to get the best support at ending this problem.
  • 12 – Two problems are underlying on this issue. It can be the visible flame inside the heater. Electric or gas short can also be discussed with the same numbering.
  • 14 – Overheat or thermal fuse is the tension switcher on this point. The escape route can be the internal component check. Call for professional if you are not familiar with these types of work.


Is Rinnai RC98HPI Water Heater Durable?

Answer: Rinnai water heater is durable and meant to provide you service of 2 decades long. Even if you face some cut and need some replacement then there is nothing much to worry about. You can just go for the single faulty part and get back to work.

Is Rinnai A Good Water Heater?

Answer: Rinnai is known for its quality and has been providing the same quality for many years. It is better than any other traditional water tank in the question of maintenance and durability. It is one of the best tankless water heaters that you can get for your joint family.

Final Verdict

It is your turn to make a choice of consideration. You have already read Rinnai rc98hpi review and know almost everything about it. Your attempt to get inside information about this water heater is completed.

I hope I have provided promising information about the product at your disposal. We follow the same steps for many other quality full water heaters out there. Make sure you check them out and keep coming back.Hope this “Rinnai rc98hpi Review” post helps you .

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